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UNDER MY SKIN (Version 2)

Sometimes I wonder about your hands,
about the places they would go on my skin...
(the feel of them).
I wonder if you'll be afraid to touch me,
believing the force of your desires would hurt...

I wonder if your fingers would be the ones
to write verses of carnality in my soul;
and (I wonder), if my hands would be taken among yours
to avoid me from escaping your embrace.

Would you surround my body with yours,
rendering me feverish at the moment...?
Would your hands erase the mark of old mistakes,
or would my skin bear more scars after your touch?

Would a final blow cross my face,
or would you softly whisper my name?

Would I be just a forgotten name
once clothing covers your skin,
or perhaps, would your hands thread in my hair?

I'm scared. I don't want to fall in love,
but if your hands anywhere close,
you'll have me body, heart and soul...
and that's exactly what frightens me the most.

04:49 - 2002-03-10


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